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Abastumani resort brought to life
04 February, 2020
The observatory renovations are completed in Abastumani resort, the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure reports. The observatory will have an additional feature- a visitor information center and a café. The exhibition and working spaces will be also arranged and the existing library will be restored.

The balneological resort is famous for its healing features, such as thermal waters and pure air that makes it attractive both for internal and external tourists. People visit the small town to treat different types
of tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis and mild forms of bronchial asthma and other illnesses. Mountain climate provides fresh air in Abastumani all year round.

The government of Georgia started planning restorations in 2018. As reported rehabilitation of water supply and sewage systems in Abastumani will be completed by 2021.

The Abastumany observatory was founded in 1932 by Evgeny Kharadze. Evgeny was a Georgian astronomer and public figure. In 1959-1966 he worked as a head of Tbilisi State University.

The Abastumany observatory was the first astrophysics observatory in the Soviet Union. The observatory was intended to observe galaxies, stars, and solar system errors. Nearly 10 thousand tourists visit the site annually.

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