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The Transcaucasian Trail in Georgia
10 February, 2020
The Transcaucasian Trail- a world-class, long-distance hiking trail, more than 3,000km in length following the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountains and connecting roughly two dozen national parks and protected areas in the region. United by a shared vision of a long-distance trail network across the region a growing community of local and international hikers, cartographers and conservationists are putting this hidden gem on the map to help ensure that the landscapes and heritage of the region can be enjoyed by future

The TCT is going to arrange its hiking trips to one of the most spectacular and little-visited parts of the Caucasus: Zeskho, in Lower Svaneti, Georgia.

TCT's camp this time will be in Mestia, the largest town in Svaneti.

"But after a day of orientation and exploring in Mestia, we’ll load up and head out on a bumpy dirt road towards Zeskho. Here we’ll find a decaying Soviet alpine camp, a small outpost of friendly Georgian border guards, and a vast wilderness area that few travelers ever see. "

The crew of TCT will be working on rerouting an overgrown, unsafe trail to create a new, sustainable trail that will allow hikers to safely and enjoyable traverse the mountains. Their daily activities will involve a mix of clearing vegetation, digging out the earth for a new path, shaping and sculping the trail and marking the trail.

"It will be a critical section of the TCT, and we’re so excited to make it a reality."- TCT writes on their wesbite.

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