The Real History of Tbilisi
14 February, 2020
The Real History of Tbilisi
Little do people know about the real history of Georgia's capital city Tbilisi. According to the legend of the founding of Tbilisi the king of ancient Iberia, Vakhtang I Gorgasali, once hunted in the forest with his royal falcon in the neighborhood forests near the first capital of Georgia – Mtskheta. The falcon allegedly caught a pheasant during the hunt, after which both birds fell into a nearby hot spring and died from burns. Impressed by this unexpected discovery, the King decided
to build a city and gave it the name Tbilisi. Tbilisi or warm location, about the numerous sulphureted hot springs, coming out from the ground.

Despite legend being so widespread, there is a lot more to add to Tbilisi's history.

The historian Djaba Samushia says that it is a stereotype that Tbilisi was founded by Vakhtang Gorgasali. The only contribution that Gorgasali has made to the development of Tbilisi is that he moved the capital from Mtskheta to Tbilisi.

"You might be surprised but there are even the remnants of the Stone Age in Tbilisi.

During the Eneolithic period, there were several different types of settlements on the territory of present-day Tbilisi and generally in Georgia, it is evident that in the Eneolithic period there were new settlements, including about 3-4 thousand inhabitants in the territory of today's Tbilisi.

As for the Bronze Age, there was a Bronze Age settlement. In the 19th century, one of the students discovered Bronze Age ax and this was proof that there might be a settlement as well.

Several settlements of first millennium BCE have already been found throughout Tbilisi."- the historian says.

The founder of "Tiflis Hamkar" Aleko Elisashvili says that if you look back to history, you will find out that there are even more proofs of Tbilisi being at least 1700 years old. He adds that even though the script on the National Museum says "Tbilisi 1500-year-old city", it is the capital that is 1500 years old, not the actual city.

The historical documents say that Tbilisi existed 150 years before King Vakhtang.

"Of course we need to know the legends as well but the reality is much more important."- Aleko Elisashvili says


Photos by Shermazana

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