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Why Georgia is the Most Underrated Skiing Destination
25 February, 2020
CNN publishes an article writing about why Georgia is the most underrated skiing destination The author says that when we hear about Georgia, the first things that come to our mind is, wine, cuisine, "epic cheesy breads" and trendy nightclubs. As CNN states, there is much more to explore in Georgia. The country's greatest asset is actually its snow-capped mountains.
"Spanning 1,200 kilometers, the Caucasus Mountains cover approximately 60% of the country's surface area, making the Alps look like child's play."
After getting this information, the question that arises is why haven't more people cottoned on to Georgia's magnificent skiing possibilities?
CNN offers the best three destinations for skiing in Georgia, which will definitely ignite your wanderlust.


Far and away from Georgia's most popular resort, Gudauri is a 90-minute near-vertical drive north from the capital city of Tbilisi. The 56 kilometers of skiable terrain, culminating at an ear-popping 10,750 feet, take in everything from long, moseying cruises apt for snowplowing beginners, to bomb-able black runs prized by speed demons.
A new ski lift connects Gudauri to Kobi, beyond the Jvari Pass, making the resort far more accessible from Stepantsminda, the tourist-frequented town known for its proximity to Mount Kazbek and the hilltop Gergeti Trinity Church.


You'll find a mostly Georgian crowd at this low key resort situated two and a half hours west of Tbilisi in the heart of the Lower Caucasus range.Once a training ground for the Soviet Olympic Alpine ski team, Bakuriani remains a popular hideaway for professional skiers looking to get away from the crowds, especially on weekdays, when the pristine corduroyed trails are virtually empty.
There are three interconnected ski areas spanning 18 kilometers of downhill slopes -- Didveli, Kokhta and Mitarbi.
The latter two are smaller and more rugged than Didveli, which is popular among families and offers ample lodging and dining options, along with night skiing and an alpine rollercoaster.
Mitarbi, by contrast, has no accommodations and just one bare-bones café.
Bakuriani will host the FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboard Championship 2023, a major feather in Georgia's cap when it comes to winter sports; new trails and ski lifts are being added as we speak.


Only those with a taste for adventure should strike out for Mestia, a tiny village in the far-flung region of Svaneti, known for its millennium-old tower houses and ancient, pagan-influenced mountain culture.
Post up here and you can choose between two small ski areas, Hatsvali and Tetnuldi, both situated less than 30 minutes from the village center by 4x4.
But don't expect the creature comforts of large resorts like mountainside lodging, English language signs and full-service restaurants, Mestia is Georgia's wild west when it comes to skiing.
The perks to this come in the form of quiet, crowd-free runs (Tetnuldi has five, Hatsvali has four) blanketed with powder.
A ski lift installed in 2018 connects Hatsvali to the outskirts of Mestia, so ask for directions at the tourist office on Seti Square and double-check that it's operating (weather-related hiatuses are common).

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