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Estonian Traveler About Georgia
11 March, 2020
Anna Linn is a traveler from Estonia who has recently visited Georgia and shared her experiences with us.
What was the unique thing that you noticed while traveling in Georgia?

In Borjomi, we visited the Temple of Saint Seraphim of Sarov. What struck me there most of all was the so-called souvenir shop, outside the temple where it was possible to purchase icons, bracelets and things like that. Surprisingly the shop works on the principle of self-service- there is a
price-tag next to each souvenir and a box next to it, where you throw money for the goods you like. There is simply no one there observing you. I was pleasantly surprised by people's honesty.

What was the first impression of Georgia?

Our trip to Georgia began in Kutaisi. We had a direct flight straight from Talin, Estonia. The first thing I noticed as soon as I left the airport building was the mountains. I admired the view I saw from the window on the way to Bakuriani. Mountains are my weaknesses.

What are the main characteristics of the Georgian people?

It is impossible not to mention the hospitality of the Georgian people. I have heard about that from my friends who had been lucky enough to visit Georgia and then I experienced this on myself. Georgian hospitality is felt not only in the souvenir shops where they will definitely suggest you homemade Chacha but at the street markets where they will treat you with Churchkhela and in the taxi as well, where the drivers will advise you the best places to visit in Georgia.

Do you have any favorite places in Georgia?

From all of the places, I have managed to visit in Georgia, my favorite one was Borjomi. It has immersed in my soul.The day chosen for a walk around Borjomi's National Park was very sunny and snowy. It was hard not to express the excitement of the landscapes seen while climbing up to the top with the cable car where the Ferris Wheel is located. (The view is probably incredible from there, but unfortunately the attraction was closed at that time, apparently because of the offseason) 

Is it your first time in Georgia?

Even though I have Georgian roots from my grandfather, I have never been to Georgia, but I have always been attracted to it and I am extremely glad to have visited such an amazing country.

What do you like the most about Georiga?

In my opinion, it is impossible not to love Georgian nature and cuisine. I remember in my childhood, my grandma always had Georgian Ajika on the table. She has brought the recipe to Talin from Georgia. Also, the bunch of cilantro, which I did not favor at that time but now it is my N1 savory herb in my list.
Georgia for me is the gastronomic heaven. Everything is tasty here, from
Chaha to Churchkhela. What I want to mention is that the nature of Georgia turns out to be much more beautiful than I could predict.

Was there anything you did not like about Georgia? If so, why?

I liked everything about Georgia, at least for the time I have spent there.

What advice would you give to those who are planning to travel to Georgia?

Tip Number 1 - agree to excursions, a lot of interesting facts can be found out from the local people. I am not a huge fan of excursions but in Georgia, I agreed to them with pleasure. The people were expressing incredible energy and goodwill and the excursions were more in the format of conversations of old friends. Moreover, the wine degustation is included in most of the trips.
Tip Number 2- It is really important to visit Sulfur Baths in Tbilisi, but leave the jewelry at the hotel so that you do not need to clean the black smears after.
Tip Number 3- the exchange rate is much more profitable in Georgia than in Talin, plus it is without commission. So if you are not sure where to change Euro to Gel, then I advise you to do this exactly in Georgia. 

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Author: Mariam Kukhilava

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