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The History of Georgian Firearms Development
16 March, 2020
In the 9th century, a dent was invented in China that was originally used for fireworks during religious ceremonies. Its use in military affairs began relatively late in the 11th century .

The gun was first created in China in the 10th century, it had a bamboo hinge and was quite dangerous to use. This is the ancestor of the bamboo-skinned arcade, considered to be the prototype of all firearms. In Europe, firearms appeared much later, in the early 14th century,
when the differentiation of hunting and firearms began.

Compared to combat weapons, hunting rifles have always been much more sophisticated and artistically crafted. Back in the late Middle Ages, hunting scenes with carving engravings or other techniques were used. Over time, the art of armament has become an independent development that has turned this direction of art into a synthesis of art and engineering genius.

The proliferation of firearms in Georgia began in the 16th century. The use of firearms by Georgians is confirmed in the second half of the XVI century. Firearms were imported from abroad from Georgia in the early and mid-16th century. The source of such weapons for South and West Georgia is the Ottoman Empire and East Georgia for Persia.

In the seventeenth century, reports of firearms were growing. During this century, it has been widely spread in Georgia. Firearms reach both mountainous regions of western and eastern Georgia.

Turkish guns have had a major impact on the development of Georgian firearms.

At the end of the XVII century, this similarity is quite noticeable, and from the XVIII century a Caucasian type of firearms was formed, where one of the leading places holds Georgian weapons called "Tbilisuri Dambacha" and "Machakhela."

In nineteenth-century Tbilisi was full of so-called gun masters. This was not surprising since Tbilisi was the capital of the whole Transcaucasus, where both the client and the performer were present.

Neto Bendeliani

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