Editor's comment
Being Loud
23 August, 2012

We are the nation who likes being loud.  I mean no offence at all. This is just a statement which should challenge anybody who might think otherwise. I am not saying whether being loud is good or bad – I am just letting the world know that we like to be loud everywhere in everything at any given moment. Discreetness in a public place is not the most favorable model of behavior in Georgia, to say the least.


We want to

speak loudly and together when we are somewhere in a place of public presence so that we don’t even hear each other. Hearing is not important; what matters mostly is saying. We are loud, very loud when giving value to our own deeds, but we would only mumble out somebody else’s good points, and we will do it only when necessity to do so is pressing us badly. Nobody in the world adores lime-light as much as we do, and when we get ourselves into its warmth, we get so loud that certain decent ears might need sound-proof plugs to avoid injury. We love to be politically loud too. We adore shouting street slogans and we cheer very loudly by chanting words and phrases which happen to be trendy and popular without failure through any political situation, with any political leader. I cannot really understand why the sound has such significance in this culture – the higher the decibels the stronger the effect! We have a habit of playing loud music around parks and beaches, at restaurants and in houses, and most bothering of all we are chronically confused about the hours of day and night. The players of loud music are somehow convinced that the deafening songs, especially those which are amplified via faulty skreaking loudspeakers, are undeniable helpers in business. Why do we think that loud music is a generally accepted pleasure-generator? Probably because the loud-music-on-the-beach doers are so caring that they never leave us alone,; they stick it right into our ears so that we never feel ourselves relaxed or ‘out of tune’. They care! They know exactly what they are doing with our nervous system. If we relax a second during our holidays, some dangerously strange thoughts might start occurring to us, like leaving the mad place and never coming back again. Never! This is why they need to keep us in permanent musical captivity which not only shocks us inside out, but also has a capacity to adulterate our brains to the point of weakness when we don’t even know that somebody in infringing on our freedom. The loud music imposers are the criminals who spoil our vacations not even knowing that they are perpetrating crime against humanity. They need to be given a course in elementary rules of human coexistence. They definitely need! There are many other ‘loud’ habits I would love to liberate this nation from: loud in bliss and loud in grief, loud in success and loud in misery, loud in the meetings and loud at the table, loud in schools and loud at movie theaters, loud while driving and loud when traveling in train compartments, loud in public discussions and loud in personal controversies, loud on the radio and loud on the television. We even manage to be loud in magazines and newspapers. Surprised?  Yes, loud! Noticeably loud!  Why do we want to be so loud? Loudness is very bothering and it goes against our chance to keep our life in balance and moderation. We will be better heard if we try to be less loud. We can no longer afford being as loud as we used to be in the past and are still in the same mode of conduct. If we continue being so loud, we might end up where listening to us might become impossible. We just don’t need to be that loud!