Who are we after all?
28 November, 2013
Who are we after all?
I mean, who are we Georgians, in principle? What sort of phenomenon are we? I know that we are a people, a nation, a country. . . that much I know, of course. What gives me a feeling of discomfort and puts me at a loss is the ceaselessly nagging question of what kind of people, nation and country we are.
It is well known and widely recognized that we usually impress others with our national character, which they say
resembles ‘Mediterranean,’ if this kind of classification could be considered philosophically justifiable at all.
Some even say that we are utterly unique in certain ways of behavior and attitudinal originality. I have even heard that Georgians – of Caucasian origin, not American, of course – can make a huge difference when it comes to person-to-person relationships, and having a significant effect on fellow-humans or situations, if given a chance.
Georgians have often earned the appreciation that describes us as artistically minded people, who are good at all the arts. They say about us that we are gregarious, hospitable, benevolent and kind-hearted folks, who have lived on through millenniums, and survived many a war and hardship.
Our physical looks are not bad either – there are a lot of beautiful women and plenty of handsome men in this God-blessed land. This is also a nation of exquisite and elevated poesy – almost every Georgian has written at least a couple of poems in his or her lifetime, or will write until the end arrives.
What Georgians are consuming as food is not bad either – our national cuisine is absolutely gorgeous. I have never seen a foreign visitor who has not fallen in love with the variety of Georgian dishes, as well as the way we present it to our guests.
Besides, in addition to the unique language we speak, we also have our own way to write … the Georgian alphabet does not look like any other ABC in the world … it is simply ours, only ours, and nobody else’s. I have a habit of emphasizing this at every possible occasion because this is something terribly important.
How much more can a small nation like us possibly be appreciated by the rest of the world? In a word, there are “myriad” different things that make us Georgians special, and deserving of the world’s consideration.
That said, I ask a question: if that is all true, then why can’t we take care of our national agenda well enough for all of us to feel better as a nation, and feel better as individuals within that nation? Having so many good things about us is certainly good, but what are we to do when so many bad things outweigh the good ones, leaving us in deep crap as we are now? What kind of people are we after all?
If we are so good at so many good things, then why can’t we manage the business of the nation so well that we can avoid those endless historical mistakes which we have a habit to later regret, and must make painful efforts to correct? The flaws we have and the blunders we make are so flagrant and noticeable that even the inexperienced eye of a rank-and-file citizen can detect them without being specially equipped.
All this is being written about, discussions are held both privately and publicly, radios and televisions are screaming interminably about these shortcomings of ours, newspapers are full of criticisms, homes and public places are bursting with controversies concerning our national faults, but nothing is helping – we are still where we do not want to be.
We are still where it stinks, and the stench-ridden air is irritating our poor nostrils to an extreme. Why can’t the accumulated national wisdom – if there is any at all – really help us to get where we have always wanted to be? Why doesn’t this conglomeration of errors - that we have been making for a long time - serve as a lesson that we start behaving as any other normally developed modern nation would do? Why can’t we too draw upon the best experience of enlightened mankind, with a sense of rationalism that could give this unique nation the chance it deserves to prosper and progress?
Who are we Georgians after all? Are we an unfortunate bunch of confused and gullible fools, who do not know which direction in which to go, and what to do? No, we are not! We are unique people in our own way. Oh, Lord, give us enough brains and sufficient power to properly handle ourselves and the reality we are living in! Please! Thank you, Father!
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