Editor's comment
Tbilisi Big-Band & its Founder
29 June, 2015
There are some little things in our lovely versatile capital city that make us look and sound absolutely Western. The famous Tbilisi Big-Band is one of those attractions that trigger thoughts about our organic belonging to Western culture.

It was founded by a well-known Georgian theatrical administrator and musical organizer, the great servant of arts and the strongman of the Georgian jazz world – popular, handsome, broadly smiling and ever friendly Gaioz Kandelaki – to be seventy in a couple of
days. The Kandelaki Jazz Orchestra, musically headed by Georgia’s famous composer and conductor Givi Gachechiladze and soloed by the wonderful Maia Baratashvili deserves to be performing in any part of the world, including the lands where jazz was born. Suffice it to say that the Big-Band has conquered the international jazz realm by winning the title of the best jazz orchestra of 2006 in Monte Carlo. Gaioz Kandelaki, with his huge managing experience and musical sophistication has been nursing this outstanding group since the inception by him of the idea of creating the Orchestra and the time of its founding – the year of 1997. With his immediate assistance and tireless efforts, the Big-Band has acquired unimaginable sounding thanks to the vocal and instrumental talent of its amazing performers here in Georgia and very widely outside its boundaries. Sometimes, big deeds are remaining unnoticed, especially when the doers of those deeds are characterized by modesty and humility, no matter how gifted they are and how useful they might be to our society. Gaioz Kandelaki goes exactly under this kind of description. But at the age of seventy, he will not stop doing what he loves to do and has practically dedicated his entire life to. He has great musical and managerial plans and there is every reason to believe that he is going to follow through.