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Into & Beyond Politics
07 August, 2015
It was Georgia’s good luck that several years ago we won the title of the host country of the 13th Summer European Youth Olympic Festival, later baptized as Tbilisi-2015, matching well the popular municipal slogan ‘Tbilisi loves you’. It was also a pronounced benevolence of most of the voting countries towards our beloved Georgia. I remember that even the Russian delegation had cast their valuable vote in Georgia’s favor. I wish the Russian-Georgian screwed-up political interaction were treated with the
same noble enthusiasm. In a word, the Olympic Flame finally came to Georgia, giving an unseen before fame and glory to the country which had been in endless strife and state of belligerency with Russia – the well-known international spoilsport. Winning the right to host the Games, not real ones though – just European and just Youth – was a big deal for little Georgia. I only wonder how the Russians, the Apkhaz and Ossetians have reacted to this outstanding victory of the Georgian people. I am being very far from putting on their shoulders any unfair blameful presumptions but I suspect that a certain amount of grudge and anger had reigned in their hearts and minds having heard the hardly believable news. I simply cannot believe they shared Georgia’s blissful moment. The only hope for them was probably a possibility of failure of that grand international sporting event of that meaning and caliber, which was rightfully and officially planned to take place in Tbilisi, Georgia. To the greatest chagrin of our former bosom friends and loving kinsmen, the Festival was an outstanding success, perpetuating absolutely new standards in the world’s Olympic life – not my words by the way! Tbilisi-2015 was a real gift of God, and the angel guardians, who have protected it all the way from ceremony to ceremony, were sent down to the Georgian soil by the Shepherd of good human works himself – glory to His name and essence! I have noted before and I am ready to reiterate now that wars make all the parties to it hopelessly miserable. I wonder who needs that crap. Let us think for a second about Olympic bouts and clashes. Games are also wars, but wars with no human blood and misery. You might get beaten up real bad in the Olympics, but all for good reason and cause. Winning is good but losers are winners too because the sense of being part of the great Olympic Family is what matters most, not what probe of trophy you pull out of it. Georgia has definitely reinforced its place and image in the Family by hosting the EYOF and having handled the responsible international mission so perfectly well. Would it not be wonderful if our Apkhaz and Ossetian relatives were the members of one strong Georgian Olympic team, making all of us the winners in the long run? The old wisdom about the strength which is in unity makes a huge sense in this particular case. I want to stay out of politics here because I have heard that the Olympic movement is beyond any politics. Yes, it is very much beyond politics, but it is beyond a bad model of politics. Otherwise, the Olympic movement is the most exquisite and elevated political process, during which peoples of the world meet to compete not only in sports but in making peace and friendship all over the planet. This is why I have a fair tendency to wax political when I dream about our Apkhaz and Ossetian brothers and sisters to be in the same Olympic team with Georgians – One nation under God with liberty and justice for all! I have not missed even one moment of Tbilisi-2015 Olympic Festival, starting from the Belgrade acceptance of our capital city as the next host of the Festival and ending with the closing ceremony of the Games. I was then the master of ceremonies in Serbian capital, and did the English-language presentation of both ceremonial shows in Tbilisi. I am humbly divulging this piece of modest information only because I want everybody to be aware of my being in the swim of the matter, in other words, I know precisely what I am talking about. The slogans that were displayed in the opening ceremony clearly read the names of our temporarily lost territories, openly connoting that Georgia is wholeheartedly embracing its historical flesh and blood, and is inviting them back into the caboodle. I hate to say that the breakaway lands of Georgia, inspired and instigated by Russia, regretted the fact of Georgia’s being in the vanguard of the civilized world, which persistently refuses to accept them as legal geopolitical units and keeps them hanging heavily on Russia’s scraggy tired neck. I will never understand that they do not want to be at home and happily at work, plus playing international games like Olympics, etc. Why do they wish to be hungry, naked and shackled when they can be fed, clad and free? The door is open. Come and do the Games with us – I mean Olympic of course! And be as happy as we once used to be in our togetherness. I know Russia is in your way, but go ahead and ask her to let you guys go. The big Russian Olympic team was successfully into Tbilisi-2015. You guys were nowhere – just on the banners, prepared by Georgia.