Editor's comment
Welfare & Politics
29 October, 2015
Beliefs, principles, dogmas, views, political affairs, etc. are not edibles to eat, although they are fed to people in big doses everywhere in the world, Georgia included. In fact, there is not much wrong with feeding them to people, but one cannot be sated with those ideological staples. For catering to our stomachs – the most demanding organ of our body – we need to be fed real food with sufficient calories for physical survival. My logical deduction from the
above is that no politics is good that cannot be turned into wellbeing. The futile politicking that has been taking place in Georgia in the last couple of decades is not turning into a high standard of living, and this regrettable fact must have some substantial reasons. Since the joyful times of the clamorous socialist collapse, the sphere of ideology of this country has witnessed tens of thousands of protesting demonstrators in the streets, vainly spilled blood in hopes of bringing about the due transformation, major cultural and educational reforms, constitutional alterations, opening and closing of television stations, appearance and disappearance of newspapers, societal metamorphosis in ways of thinking, alternation of newly-born political powers, amendment of attitudes towards older national values, rejection of soviet-style manipulative manners, acceptance of westernization of the model of our behavior, modernization of our ideals, denigration of Russophiles and adulation of America’s adherents. All this having taken place, politics in Georgia has never been translated from a regular political bla-bla into actual prosperity of our people. geotv.geOur perpetually expectant citizens have always been patient, although they had certain occasional eruptions of anger, usually carrying enough political power to have changed governments of the country, but never changing our life-style. The regimes that were leaving the political arena had always been blamed in criminal activity by the ones that were taking over the power. It is like a cursing for Georgia that our life time was totally consumed by political controversy and not on optimal development of Georgia’s economic potential. As I said, politics in Georgia was never translated into wealth and success, and the Georgian political elite have never been concerned about this heartbreaking reality. Administrations came and went, each claiming a new style in doing politics, but none of them succeeded in meeting the main goal – turning politics into welfare. Each new government is boasting the greatness of their plans, filling the trusting public with hopes for better life, but nothing moves from the dead point in the finale. Politicians continue having a big mouth, actual rulers keep putting the blame for failures on the bygone shoulders of their predecessors, and the public carry on with wasting their valuable leisure in front of the glaring TV screens to finally hear something encouraging from our sweating broadcasters. Meanwhile, the nation is getting torn apart between the two radically differing political philosophies – Western and Russian. All our doubts and misgivings, all our political judgments and inferences, all our efforts to improve the bread-winning process, all our historical experience and thoughts about the future of the country are now dedicated to the guess-work of making a choice – North or West. This is the main reason of all cantankerous clashes in our society, occurring on almost every level – governmental, public, non-governmental and familial. The obsession with the mentioned guesswork is so overwhelming that the nation is forgetting the main function of politics in which we are so deeply involved. Politics has taken over our minds; politics has become a dominant direction of our thought; you hear politics everywhere – at home, in the street, in the marketplace, on the television, on the radio, in schools, in kindergartens, in theatres and at stadiums, and even if you climb a tree, somewhere on the top you will see somebody sitting and talking politics nonstop. I call this a political delirium which is not suggesting the ways of turning politics into welfare. We are growing increasingly dependent on bruising political debates and collisions. And the wariness is growing about possible tensions that might ensue because the society seems to be conflict-pregnant. Tempering with hot issues like reinstating justice in the country and punishing the culprits thereof becomes razor-sharp. And this is all happening for a very simple reason that we are not capable of mastering the tools of casting politics into human happiness. We are refusing from becoming effectual in the complicated art of turning politics into public wellbeing. We are obstinately and imprudently rejecting the truth about politics being only an instrument to create good life for people. We totally miss the bottom-line that politics makes no sense unless its aims are subordinated to the lofty ideal of giving a chance to people to live better. Senseless political quarrels do not the food for people make. Politics should only work on creating conditions for letting people labor and make a livelihood, otherwise politics is losing sense. Politics is just a prerequisite for organizing people’s life so that bliss and contentment become possible. Shall we ever understand this elementary rule of correlation between welfare and politics? We must! Otherwise our society will be skidding on the spot and never making any progress. Learning how to keep welfare and politics in unison is not easy of course, but it is learnable unless we deliberately and brainlessly eschew the smooth working opportunity of the two equally important components of our existence.