Editor's comment
Left-hand, Right-hand...
17 December, 2015
Georgia has lately been flagrantly busy and obsessed with controversial talk about the right-hand-steering wheels which have multiplied here exponentially in the last five to ten years. The reason of the right-hand driving vehicles being this popular is their price, which happens to be considerably lower than the price of left-hand-drive cars. The biggest exporter of these cars to Georgia is Japan. Most of the countries of the world have the right-hand traffic pattern, which is the case in Georgia
too. Hence, a left-hand-drive vehicle is the one which fits lawfully into the existent right-hand traffic pattern, whereas the right-hand-drive cars represent a certain traffic anomaly. The problem has already come to a head so drastically that the situation seems to be almost impossible to handle, especially in the pre-election period of time when any political side is loath to make a wrong move that might trigger the loss of votes. The problem is being compounded by the fact that the owners of such cars have borrowed money from banks to pay off their beloved right-hand-drive vehicles, while the government has decreed to curb their registration of vehicles. Consequently, people have found themselves in the most inconvenient situation, which may very well grow into a reason for social unrest in the country. In a nutshell, by admitting the right-hand-drive cars into right-hand traffic, the authorities – whoever was the authority at that time – have created a huge headache for themselves; car owners have incurred considerable losses and moral stress; and the situation in the country became pregnant with a likelihood of conflict. The pain in the neck that has given a lot of trouble to the nation was created only because nobody prohibited the import of the first wrong car. Nobody had thought at that very moment that, if allowed, this could turn into giant problem very soon in the future. And the doomsday geotv.gehas arrived. The trouble is right here. And there is not the faintest chance out there to make everybody happy in the finale – the left-hand-drive car owners, the government and the masterminds of potential manifestations on the subject. There would have been no problem had the Georgian authorities made a proper decision until it was not too late. A good decision would have saved the day for everybody. A good decision could have preempted the inconvenience that has preoccupied all of us here in Georgia. A good decision then would have liberated the country from the cumbersome reality now. Elementary intelligence, farsightedness and skill to predict the consequence were necessary to prohibit the registration of that first damned right-hand-drive car which was imported in that cursed past that has evolved into a problem of this magnitude. Now that the number of left and right-hand drive cars is almost the same, we are faced with possible change of traffic pattern in this country. What is the way out? Not much, as a matter of fact! The danger of breaching our traffic security is clear and present because the land is full of wrong cars and the owners of those vehicles are regular voters, owing money to their banks for their unpaid and wrong cars. And the parliamentary elections are already at our doorstep. The wrong-car-owning voters, especially those whose vehicles are still on their way from Japan to Georgia and are subject to newly introduced law of non-registration, will certainly be angry with the current government. I have heard that even the cars with modified drives will not be registered because such cars are reckoned to be equally dangerous. Help! Help! Georgia is ready to refuse the cars from both driving sides – left and right. Georgia wants cars with steering wheels right in the middle of the car. Imagine how wonderful it would be: The heart-breaking controversy will come to an end forever; the government will attend to far more serious and exigent business; car-buyers will get rid of the pains connected to making choices; the traffic will be balanced to the point of absolute security, and the elections will be held calmly and happily. What a brilliant thought! Let’s go for it immediately! Let us commission from Japan – they can do anything – the cars with mid-hand-drive and call it a ‘Special order from Georgia.’ The entire world will know us as people of genius. Finally! We will be the first among the nations who has achieved that height of inventiveness and resourcefulness. This could be the shortest way to the European Union and NATO, saying nothing about the guaranteed visa liberalization. Let’s hurry! Let us patent the invention as soon as we can. Otherwise somebody might pilfer the idea before we know it. Drive as you wish – not left, not right, just straight, just the middle of it. I want my dream car right now. I can’t wait any more. Hallo, happy Georgia! And congratulations! Enjoy the refreshed traffic pattern, and the new model of car, fitting so well into the new traffic model. Cars with mid-hand-drive will change many other things for Georgia. We might easily sell the invention to other nations and make enough money for paying our debts, and also, for increasing pensions by even more than fifty lari. Then the retired seniors will save money and buy newer cars, thus invigorating the weakened national currency. Omigod, it is so easy to smoothen up the trouble!