Editor's comment
Being a Christian
14 April, 2011

I am not a Christian scholar. Neither am I a disciple of Christ, but I know this much for sure – being a Christian means adhering to the Christian faith, which is based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ written canonically in the New Testament gospels. And adhering to faith in general would mean acting in the way its principles and beliefs dictate you should.  In case of Christianity it is being with Jesus and being like Jesus.

This should probably involve talking with Him in prayer, listening to him in the Bible, reaching out to those He wants to touch, sharing your life with His other disciples and entrusting every area of your life to His guidance. Being a Christian is not just going to God’s House and crossing yourself every five minutes, or stopping in front of every church building while walking in the street and doing triple crossing every time you find yourself in front of a house of worship. Neither is it to ostentatiously carry on your neck an expensive gold cross with a gold chain. Or even faithful fasting when time is due! In a word, being a Christian does not mean to be meticulously ceremonial although certain religious ceremonies are part of the whole thing. Being a Christian in the first place means the knowledge of what Christian faith is all about and your desire to live in compliance with Christian philosophy; behave the way Christ would suggest behaving; love the way Jesus would love; be ready to help your neighbor the way the God’s Son would assist and rescue us from difficulty. And to do that means knowing all what is written in the Holy Scripture and to be closely familiar with the innermost ideals of the Faith – Kingdom of God, Bible, Gospel, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Church, Trinity, Prayer, Atonement, Baptism, Covenant, Sin, Salvation, Righteousness, Annunciation, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension, Repentance, Reincarnation, Fall of Man, Judgment, Immortality and many others. This is all part of the Christian knowledge which has to be acquired through the Holy process of Christian education if you want to be a Christian at all. Otherwise you cannot be one. I mean an all-round Christian who not only simplistically believes that there is God, but knows exactly how and why to worship the Almighty once you were born into the world of Christianity. I beg the believers of other faiths to magnanimously forgive me for talking exclusively about Christianity. I have just chosen this penetrating topic at this particular time. Now, what makes me remind myself and you of the fundamentals of the Christian Faith is the fact that, having talked to hundreds of people around, especially the young men and women who I am inspired to educate, I have detected their despicable ignorance of the ABC of the beliefs, principles and ideals of the Faith we have always know as Christian. The other day, one of those boys and girls could not even answer my question about the time of Jesus Christ’s birth, saying nothing about the details of the Bible. Some of them – regular churchgoers and carriers of gold crosses – hadn’t even heard of the Sermon on the Mount. How can you ever say that you are a Christian if you don’t even know anything about the most well-known collection of sayings and teachings of Jesus?  Let the Lord forgive me, but a little cross on your breast is not an ordinary decoration or a simple amulet to carry. It is your desire to let the world know that you are a Christian and that you are ready to conduct your life accordingly. You see? And how could you possibly behave accordingly if you don’t know how to behave? The knowledge you need is embedded right there in the Book of Books. Open and read it faithfully, and act accordingly as a result. Is that too much to do? Sorry about that!