Editor's comment
Russia the World’s Pain
28 September, 2011

I often hear – and I hate it – that we can’t do anything about Russia because she is big and strong, and she will always have her way. Folks, I can hardly take this nonsense seriously.
I also hear people whisper that the world is ruled by a bunch of men who have no real face and presence and whose names are not known to the world. What are they called again? Masons? I hear even more persistently that

the entire goings-on around our darling Planet is a game played by several giants of the world like America, Russia and others, and the tiny guys like Georgia and the likes are only the subject of gamble of those biggies, depending on the direction in which the scary monsters toss the dice and how the bones roll on the board. Could that be true? Kill me if you want, but I can’t believe the crap. Or even if I believe (or we all believe), is that such a big deal that our endeavor to be better off is a cynically vain effort?  Although it is an irrefutable truth that Russia today lightheartedly continues its long-standing dirty political game both inside the country and beyond its boundaries, and the rest of the world is imperturbably watching the process, I am still convinced very strongly that the process is not irreversible. Some day in the nearest future this should stop automatically, just as automatically as the mammoth soviet empire stopped breathing when time had matured. And the presumed players might feel a little ill at ease because of the inevitable change around the gambling table, but they will also relax a little when the jalopy is off the road being assiduously paved by them. They might as well feel certain pangs of conscience for having wasted that much time and having allowed the bear (not exactly the lovely old teddy one) to do so much harm around. The powerful ‘gamblers’ (if there are any at all out there) know better than anybody else that the Putin-Medvedev political trickster game should not be allowed if the world wants and is tending to be slightly better, but as it seems, the international dealing style still remains very conservative and does not even smell with the fresh fragrance of the new era. Well, the new winds are blowing in the atmosphere. As if! But the reality is still saturated with old thoughts and aims, conditioning the cherished healthy decisions based on old rules. I admit that there are some refreshing movements among those who claim to be decision makers – globally speaking – and if this is true , why are they not enough irked and concerned about the model of current management of Russia? Or they think that all is in a perfectly spic and span order in a sprawling land of dictatorial corruption and the legendary fashion of ignoring the newest ways of the world. Maybe the time is high enough to start discussing Russia as a very specific social and political phenomenon which the mankind needs to know better than it does now. Firmly established and long-run peace as well as a better world in general – that’s what might be at stake otherwise.