Fast and furious... Tbilisi-style: Georgian stunt drivers trying to impress Hollywood – Daily Mail
08 April, 2013
The Daily Mail published an article about “crazy drivers” in Tbilisi streets noting these extremals are trying to catch attention of Hollywood.
“Screeching high-speed through the streets of Georgia in and out of queuing traffic, this breathtaking set of videos shows a group of young extreme stunt drivers living on the edge.
Now the Need For Drive team, who film themselves driving through Tbilisi in the ex-Soviet republic, are attempting to turn their dangerous hobby into a career and attract
attention from Hollywood.
One video shows the group leader Giorgi Tevzadze driving his 1995 BMV M5 at top speeds through the capital, on streets crowded with public transportation, traffic and pedestrians crossing the road.
The clip featured the warning 'Do not try this!' and received 2million YouTube views in a week. Mr Tevzadze said he hoped the videos would help him and his team turn their hobby into a profession.
‘We have more practical plans, to find sponsors among the viewers of these videos, to show we can advertise a company or a product of a company by making our videos,’ he added.
Mr Tevzadze, who runs a small business, said he was first drawn to racing and stunt driving aged 13, and been attempting to improve his skills and develop the hobby into a business ever since.
He is trying to start a school of extreme driving to help people safely avoid dangerous situations on the road, and also dreams about catching the attention of Hollywood with his driving videos.
Mr Tevzadze said: ‘If we get noticed by from someone from Hollywood, we will be able to offer a variety of scenarios connected with street racing and to perform extreme manoeuvres.
‘Those may include chasing a vehicle, or racing with two or more cars in traffic. Our team can perform any scenario connected with vehicles while driving at the highest possible level.’
The team leader said he is regularly fined by traffic police but also still legally has his driver's licence.
‘As for uploading these extreme driving videos, they were shot quite a long time ago and that is why we did not see (any legal) problem after posting them,’ Mr Tevzadze said.
He added that he was focused on garnering attention without putting others in danger. And one fan said while some of the driving might be illegal, the members were all generally responsible people.
‘I do not think their behaviour was correct from the point of the law,’ the fan, Iako Askurava, said.
‘But when you get to know these guys better, you understand that they do everything really skilfully and they lead a very healthy way of life,’ added the Tbilisi State University law student.
Need For Drive team member Giorgi Lomtanidze said he was after Hollywood attention - not a profession as a stunt driver.
‘As for Hollywood, this might be beyond the limit of our dreams, as it will be (a chance) to become recognisable faces, to participate in great projects and to show our professionalism to the wider public,’ Mr Lomtanidze said.
Last year Georgia's online newspaper The Financial conducted research on the most dangerous roads for car accidents and tried to determine the average age of the drivers prone to accidents.
Based on the data presented by insurance firms, the newspaper wrote that ‘the most dangerous cohort of drivers on the road’ in Georgia belong to the people between the ages of 21 and 35.
Tbilisi is a city that the U.S. Embassy has warned visitors is full of ‘drivers who pay little attention to speed limits, lane discipline and regularly encroach into oncoming traffic,’ the article published by Daily Mail reads.

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