Nightlife at "Kazantip" - High prices and low attendance
25 August, 2014
"Palitra TV's" cameramen visited "Kazantip Republic's" bars, clubs and other entertainment venues to find out about the festival's nightlife and how its guests spend their time. Few of these venues seem crowded; there are not too many patrons and the atmosphere is relaxed. This seems to have been caused by high prices and low attendance in general.
According to widespread information, the festival may not take place in Georgia next year. As Nikita Marshunok, President of “Kazantip Republic” declared, much fewer
people visited than expected, and thus it is hard to cover the expenses.
Marshunok is displeased with conditions inside the living quarters as well as current prices, which were increased eightfold and tenfold, despite the promises.

By Minida Aptsiauri

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