Death of Boromir meets Khevisberi Gocha and it's incredible!
03 June, 2015
If you haven’t watched (or read) the Lord of the Rings, please stop reading this article (and whatever else you might be doing) and do so. For those to whom Boromir’s (and Sean Bean's) misfortunes are well-known, we’ve got a question: What if the Guardian of Gondor, the fallen hero Boromir was… Georgian?

While you ponder it, here is another question: Are you (as we all are) absolutely in love with Howard Shore’s music for LOTR movies? You most likely
are. However, as beautiful as Shore’s music is, a Youtube user by the name of Irakli Suladze apparently couldn’t resist a seemingly blasphemous thought of changing it. The alternative soundtrack he picked was quite brilliant - a piece composed by Revaz Laghidze for a classic Georgian movie "Khevisberi Gocha". The result is here for you to hear (and see).

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