Are you visiting Tbilisi Open Air? If yes, here's a map showing where you can get a snack
03 July, 2015
According to a Facebook page dedicated to Tbilisi Open Air festival, there will be 12 cafe-bars available to visitors. Accordingly, the choice of food is going to be very wide.

For example, 3 GEL will get you a chicken wrap, a sandwich, a toast, a bag of French fries or a pack of hazelnuts. Pork mtsvadi costs 10 GEL, chicken mtsvadi costs 5 GEL, and a hearty shawerma will cost you 9.

As for drinks, the festival's Facebook page informs us
that only one brand of beer will be sold, with the price tag of 4 GEL for 500g. There is a slightly larger variety of other alcoholic drinks available: 50g of vodka will cost you from 4 to 6 GEL, for example. The price of cocktails ranges from 7 to 9 GEL.

Besides, there will be a multitude of various soft, carbonated and energy drinks sold at the festival, along with ordinary mineral water.