7 places to rave in Tbilisi - Check out top clubs
03 May, 2018
Apart from beautiful landscapes, ancient culture, wine and landmarks, Georgia is also famous for its nightlife and clubbing culture in Eastern Europe. Many visitors who are eager to explore Tbilisi’s nightlife look for places where they both can have fun and see how Georgians party. So here we offer to you the list of top clubs in Tbilisi where one can enjoy Tbilisi night life and rave till the morning to the quality electronic music of different genres. It is
noteworthy, that these clubs offer stage to both popular and less known Georgian djs as well as organize awesome events and host world-recognized musicians from all over the world. Check out the list of top venues in Tbilisi:

1. Bassiani

One of the best-known clubs in the city is Bassiani attracting a number of tourists and local techno music enthusiasts.The fitted stands out with its incredible sound system and using it to deliver the finest techno and house all night long. Combination of many features forms Bassiani's solid reputation: its sound system, which is one of the best you can get in Tbilisi, it’s decent lightning, residents, both locals and international artists. The club established in the former swimming-pool boasts weekly line up, that provides the best techno and house djs from all over the world.

Location - N2 Akaki Tsereteli ave, Tbilisi

SPACEHALL - a new multi-functional space for live and experimental music concerts, located at Tsereteli Avenue #2, offers its guests live concerts as well as hosts electronic and various kinds of music evenings.

Location - N2 Akaki Tsereteli ave, Tbilisi

KHIDI, that means "the bridge” in Georgian, is popular underground club in the center of Tbilisi, located in Vakhusti Bagrationi Bridge, which originates from the Soviet era. The venue is divided into three floors, main stage, small room and exhibition area. The club has a capacity of 1000 people. Its program focuses on a mix of local and international techno artists. The venue hosts a number of events and famous artists both locals and from around the world.

Location - Vakhushti Bagrationi Bridge, Right Embankment

4. Mtkvarze

In the late 50’s, it went back to being a restaurant and in 2012 the place was finally transformed into a space dedicated to electronic music and art in general. Nowadays “Mtkvarze” offers the best of underground house and disco in its main room, plus a more varied playlist, from experimental music to hip-hop, in its smaller second room.

Location - N2 Agladze Str, Tbilisi

5. Café Gallery & Didi Gallery
Café Gallery is popular for its friendly atmosphere that helps people meet each other. In spite of its small capacity – main room contains little more than a dance floor with space for less than a two hundred people – it hosts credible house and techno act. The place is mostly famous for its friendly and  diverse atmosphere.

Location - Cafe Gallery N48 Rustaveli ave

6. Mzesumzira’s Ezo
Mzesumzira is not a club, mzesumzira is not a music festival, mzesumzira is not even a community, mzesumzira is all-together. A group of DJs and just friends, created a label Mzesumzira (Sunflower) in 2014, since that time they have been organizing  one of the most friendly and colorful events in Georgia. The place is a wonderful escape during hot summer days in Tbilisi. Mzesumzira’s Ezo is located in  Mtatsminda park offering a picturesque view over the city.

Location - Mtatsminda Park, entrance from Tbilisi Funicular

7. Art-Cafe HOME

If you want to experience something unusual and simultaneously embrace an old spirit of Tbilisi, then you must definitely pay a visit to Art-Cafe HOME. It is lovely place and a splendid combination of a cafe and cocktail club. The fact that the pre-club is inside an old vintage house, furnished with renaissance like sofas, located on a historic Betlemi Street, adds its mystique and mysterious note to the general atmosphere. It can be freely considered one of the most distinguished places of night entertainment in Tbilisi.

Location - Betlemi street 13, Tbilisi

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