Nirvana hit performed in an amazing polyphony by Georgian singers
08 July, 2016
Have you ever thought how famous American hit Smells Like Teen Spirit performed in a Georgian folk style would sound? The iconic music performed by Georgian singers in a traditional polyphonic way, has quickly gone viral on the internet and attracted a massive interest among Georgian and foreign users. Georgian version of one of the most popular rock songs was recorded under Georgian wine brand Ikano’s initiative and
the experiment came out as a big success. The music harmonically matched the video where the lead singer of Nirvana Kurt Cobain is clad in national Georgian clothes named chokha. Author of the idea as well director is Giorgi Popiashvili who worked on the project along with the Georgian-based digital creative agency Leavingstone. The song was performed by singers Giorgi Ambardnishvili, Dato Metreveli, Irakli Kodalashvili, Misho Eliava. As the wine company reports, Georgian polyphonic versions of other famous songs might soon appear as well.

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