Georgian dancers perform to Gesaffelstein in National Library
18 October, 2016
Gesaffelstein, a world-renowned French techno artist and DJ is going to soon perform in Georgia. The iconic musician was invited by the organizers of Georgia’s one of the large-scale electronic music festivals GEM fest to perform in Tbilisi on October 22, 2016. Almost all the tickets have already been sold out and the EDM community can hardly wait till the unforgettable night. In relation to this event we present to you a video where Georgian dancers are performing to Gesaffelstein’s
one of the most popular tracks OPR in Georgia’s National Library building. Teona Managadze is the choreographer. The video has caused varied reactions among social media users. The video was shot and published in 2015. Watch and judge for yourself.

Gesaffelstein is considered one of the world’s leading musicians of electronic music. He has worked alongside and remixed tracks for many famous stars such as Lana Del Rey and Phoenix. Moreover, he also produced two tracks for Kanye West’s sixth album.

Video courtesy of Xosilita Xose