Places to party on New Year’s Eve in Tbilisi
30 December, 2016
Places to party on New Year’s Eve in Tbilisi
Clubbing culture in Georgia reaches new heights. More and more new places offering good quality music and unusual environment are emerging in Tbilisi. The fact that the capital of Georgia has been in the international spotlight and named among leading music scenes in Europe serves as proof to that.

“Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is home to the closest thing to Berghain you can find outside Berlin”, - The Guardian reports.

Those who are planning to meet New Year in Tbilisi
and wonder where to go and what to do, we offer the list of various places in the city where they can party at best, dance till morning and experience Georgian clubbing scene.

So let’s see what Tbilisi offers us on December31 st:

- a new multi-functional space for live and experimental music concerts, located at Tsereteli Avenue #2, offers its guests live concert of Jay-Jay Johanson, renowned Swedish singer and songwriter, known for his melancholic vocals. Apart from that, visitors will be able to enjoy performances of outstanding Georgian musicians and groups such as Eko Deisadze – well-known Georgian musician and poet, The Bearfox– Georgian alternative Indie rock band, and Moku Moku – one of the most interesting experimental  groups on Georgia’s musical scene.On the very next day, January 1st 2017, world-renowned DJ David August will take to the stage.

,one of the leading underground clubs in Tbilisi, that has already earned worldwide recognition among electronic music lovers has also something special to offer on New Year’s magic night to its guests. The program is as follows: NORTHERN ELECTRONICS – highly successful and one of the distinguished labels founded by Swedish producer and DJ ABDULLA RASHIM, ULWHEDNAR– mutual project by Abdulla Rashim and Jonas Ronnberg, FÖDD DÖD – duo by Varg (Jonas Ronnberg) and Swedish musician Sofia Al RammalSturdza, NDRX – resident of the club, ART ALFIE- producer and DJ from Stockholm, HVL – Georgian DJ and producer Gigi Jikia. Location is the same, near SPACEHALL.

KHIDI, that means "the bridge” in Georgian, is recently opened club in the center of Tbilisi, located in Vakhusti Bagrationi Bridge, which originates from the Soviet era. The venue is divided into three floors, main stage, small room and exhibition area. The club has a capacity of 1000 people.Its program focuses on a mix of local and international techno artists. On December 31st the club organizes a special event featuring Boston 168 - a musical project by Italian producers Sergio Pace and Vincenzo Ferramosca.

- previously restaurant, established over Mtkvari River, now one of the frequently visited night clubs offering various types of experimental music of different genres. The list of performers on New Year's Eve is as follows: Main Room: Cristi Cons, Gio Shengelia, Tomma, Bacho; Small Room: Zurkin, Sumo. Doors open at 01:00 AM, Location - N2 Agladze Street.

5. Art-Cafe HOME
Located in old historical part of Tbilisi, Betlemi Street #13, Art-Cafe HOME is a club and  café inside a 3-floor house with an extraordinary design and environment. Garnished with sofas and household items as well as decorated with various paintings, the club makes you feel like home. Besides, one can find dancing space both in the bathroom and kitchen as well. On New Year’s night DJ Timo Beridze will perform while on January 1st, the club invites its guests to celebrate 3 years of its existence at FAMILYGATHERING party.

6. Cafe-Gallery
Combining a cozy environment and one the first underground electronic music hubs in the city, Cafe-Gallery is a café and at the same time a nightclub inside a gallery. Located in an old historical building on the central street of the city, Rustaveli Ave. # 48, at New Year the space once again transforms into a club and promises its customers a special night. The two key figures of London’s underground movement, Pleiades and Øliver will perform for you on December 31st.

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