Famous electronic music collective Giegling to perform in Tbilisi
14 January, 2017
Giegling, considered the best label of 2016, has announced its world tour where Tbilisi, Georgia, is included. The tour entitled Planet Giegling world will hit the road in February and end in March. Tbilisi will host the event on March 16-17 in the famous underground club BASSIANI. The performers under the label are: core artists ATEQ, Birds & Tapes, Christian, DJ Dustin, Frauke, Edward, Holger, Konstantin, Leafar Legov, Dirk, Otto, Schaaly and Vril.

“The tour, which encompasses "silent discos, club
nights, exhibitions, dance performances, sculptures, installations and more," launches with a "Planet Giegling In Concert" event on Friday, February 3rd, the first of a series of concert-style sessions in cities such as Seoul, London, Amsterdam, Tbilisi, Kiev and Berlin. Naturally, plenty of club nights are also planned, with dates in Tokyo, Brussels, Paris, Basel, Leipzig and Weimar. See the event listings below for the full schedule”, - Resident Advisor reports.

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