“Tbilisi is a kind of capital of music” - Famous French DJ Tez Cadey performs in Georgia
03 February, 2017
Renowned young French producer Tez Cadey has recently paid a visit to Georgia and gifted the audience with a yet another unforgettable evening in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. In Georgia the DJ gained  fame for his iconic and most popular track Seve. His music became so widespread that some Georgians have even performed dances with Georgian national dance moves to it and published on social media.

“This is my third time in Georgia. Last year I performed at Event Hall
and the year before in Batumi (Georgia’s coastal city). Honestly, I love this country. Apart from loving Georgian culture, the people, the food, the wine that is awesome, it reminds me of Germany for its openness toward electronic music.Tbilisi is a kind of capital of music, because here is so much love for music, in particular to diverse music, that makes it very interesting to me. Here I enjoy a lot of things. Like I said, the people, the food is awesome, wine and architecture. In Tbilisi the architecture is really wonderful”, - Tez Cadey told Georgian Journal.
Photo courtesy of CEZ K.

After the exquisite French cuisine, it is really hard to impress a foreigner, especially such a respectful guest; however Georgian dishes still managed to captivate the Parisian musician. When asking him about his favorite Georgian food, the first thing that came to his mind was juicy meat dumpling called Khinkali. As Tez Cadey said, he sampled it on his first visit to Georgia when he was in Batumi and he liked it very much.

The DJ has been making music for over 7 years now and he plans to produce a new album in 2017. Unfortunately, the producer could not stay longer in Georgia, as on the very next day he headed off to Switzerland to perform there. But he promised to come back again and play for the Georgian audience.


Photo courtesy of Gvantsi Khaindrava

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Author: Lika Chigladze

Video editing: Gvantsi Khaindrava, Nika Sikharulidze

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