Valentine’s Day in Tbilisi – Options for couples and singles
13 February, 2017
February 14th is a special day when the majority of people, be it  couples, friends or persons without companions, try to spend time in an unusual way. If you are one of those who want to experience what Valentine’s Day is like in Tbilisi then check out this list and choose an event to your preference. It is noteworthy, that the list offers options for people of any tastes.


Fabrika, a trendy hostel with varied environment and unusual atmosphere,
located in the old district of Tbilisi, has a special offer for couples on Valentine’s Day:

Have a taste of heaven with our delicious Valentine’s Day menu. Each course, along with a glass of red wine, is designed to set the perfect romantic mood.


Couples as well as friends can enjoy yet another romantic and cheerful evening at Purpur vintage café located in Gudiashvili Garden.

Movement Theatre

Those who don’t have special plans, or want to enjoy being with themselves and listening to a quality live music, then the doors of Movement Theatre are open to you. Especially if you are a jazz lover, then you should not miss it out.

PAM club

Pum club - a café-bar with a hipster spirit, organizes a joyful and extraordinary event for single persons. The event is aimed at helping singles make new acquaintances, friends or perhaps find their soul mates. If you are already intrigued then then drop in and see for yourself what happens next.

Sulfur Baths

If you are one of those who want to devote the whole time only to themselves and just relax, then this option is exactly for you. You can visit Tbilisi’s sulfur baths ,in the old district of the city, warm yourself up and refresh your skin with bubbling natural waters on a cold winter day. At the end of the procedure enjoy a cup of tea as a perfect supplement to the therapy. The selection of sulfur baths is quite varied, depending on prices and different types of services. One can choose a small size bathroom for one person or bigger space with larger pool for a big company of friends.