Techno Tourism: Tbilisi among Top 10 Rave Capitals You Need to Visit
16 June, 2017
For many techno fans, Ibiza is not a rave heaven. From Russia to South America, these are the most booming club music scenes in the world right now. Book your flights, electronicbeats.net says.

Along with Kiev, Moscow, Mexico city, Leipzig, Lisbon, Belgrade, Bogota, Warsaw and Bristol clubs, Georgia’s capital Tbilisi and its techno party scene is on the list of must-visit places.

“We—like many other techno fans—are curious about Tbilisi. The Georgian capital gained a lot of attention last year
for its party scene, which revolves around the club Bassiani. Its press, video documentaries and enthusiastic reviews from touring DJs like Nina Kraviz paint the picture of an amazing club with killer sound and an unbeatable vibe, and that ignited our desire to check it out. The only drawback to Bassiani is that its bookings tend to favor global headliners over local talent, but there are plenty of other clubs in town to check out as well,” electronicbeats.net says.

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