The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi - Perfect place for relaxation and business meetings
10 August, 2017
Could you imagine how people used to spend time and entertain themselves without modern technology, smartphones, computers and internet? Actually, our ancestors knew how to hang out and entertain themselves through various activities.

The art of the rest and relaxation was especially common among European aristocrats. Their entertainment was as follows: dinners, suppers, parties, dancing, strolling, games and most importantly, spending their leisure time in the pubs.

The bars were the main places for them to relax. People used to
gather there, meet distinguish artists of that period, make new acquaintances, new friends, discuss different topics and play board games. These very entertaining activities in the bars were the source of inspiration for many famous artists.

France was particularly famous for aristocratic pubs, although Georgia was not far behind in this field.

In the nineteenth century, the number of bars and café clubs grew more and more in Tbilisi. Georgian artists, writers and musicians used to gather there and organize various cultural events or simply have fun.

All the cafes and bars today can be considered the shadows of the entertainment culture created by the  aristocrats and artists of past centuries, but only  few of them rarely manages to show the original charm.

Recently, yet another new venue has emerged in the city. The bar has drawn inspiration from European culture, offering its guests aristocratic atmosphere combined with modernity.
If you need a calm, cozy, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere where you will enjoy your friends' company or plan business meetings then you should definitely visit Lobby Bar.  Lobby Bar is located on the first floor of the hotel “Biltmore Tbilisi”, in one of the historical buildings of Tbilisi - Imeli.
In addition to the wonderful environment, Lobby Bar offers delicious drinks, desserts, mouthwatering sandwiches, salads, and most importantly the classic English tea of Biltmore (The Biltmore Classic English Afternoon Tea).
From 7am to 11pm, you can plan your friendly meeting, romantic date or business meeting at the Lobby Bar and enjoy yourself at best.