TAOBA – New cultural center in Rustavi and grateful Rustavians
19 June, 2018
If you are looking for an open space, friendly atmosphere, electronic music, drinks and simply a relaxing venue outside Tbilisi, TAOBA is the right place for you. A city of Metallurgy and Nitrogen begins to redefine its cultural values.


hanging out with friends at TAOBA

Young creators Tornike Qiria, Temo Gumberidze, Tazo Chkhaidze have come together under the idea of developing Electronic music in Rustavi. Since the city is very close to the capital, Rustavi residents head for the capital city to
listen to the music and simply have fun. Apart from opening possibilities for young musicians, TAOBA is the ideal venue for organizing social and cultural events.


drinking beer with friends

The open space is for everyone who is looking for communication, dancing, drinking and a great vibe. Despite being warned of failing, young creators did not give up. The very first event proved the warnings wrong. TAOBA guests were grateful to them who successfully challenged to breathe new life into the city.
chilling out in the evenings

The first event showed the creators that the target of the venue is young generation who value freedom and relationship. One of the major expressions of TAOBA is the wall for a mural. They try to represent the conception of TAOBA through music, visual art and open atmosphere.


drinking and relaxing with friends

Successful project was preceded by a long search for space. The creators had to organize and build everything by their financial means. But the attempt and effort have been paid off. They offer young Rustavians what they had been lacking for so long.

watching football at TAOBA

Though, for now TAOBA cannot compete with similar venues in Tbilisi, it is definitely going to be an interesting space for electronic music for locals and travellers who love to create, share and learn. The creators have been focused on Rustavians so far. Confusion and challenges are expected as it is an unfamiliar experience not only for the creators, but also for TAOBA guests. But they hope they are capable of turning mistakes into a more successful project.

Photo courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/taobabar/

For more events and information visit: https://www.facebook.com/taobabar/

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