Expert opinion
19 September, 2013
Mamuka AreshidzeInterview with expert

One year after the change in the ruling power, political pressure is rising in the country again. There are a plenty of reasons – promises are being fulfilled at a low tempo or not at all. In the given situation, the decision by PM Bidzina Ivanishvili to leave politics feeds into the public fear of future. We spoke with expert Mamuka Areshidze about this and other interesting topics:
Q. – Why restoration of justice takes so
A. – The main reason is the Western pressure to begin cohabitation in order not to create problems for some high-ranks. Another reason also is the fact that for the last nine years everything was done to make prosecutors forget professional skills and become a blind weapon in the hands of the authorities. As a result, we got absolute professional ignorance of prosecutors.
If the PM wishes so, he can raze everything off. The thing is that Ivanishvili indeed has no information and often it’s intentionally hidden from him. Ivanishvili is being deceived. I’ll give you an example. At a press conference a journalist asked him the following question: “You regained your property which was illegally taken away from you but why don’t you make the same justice for others? Ivanishvili didn’t answer because, I’m sure, he didn’t have full information as for what was going on in this sphere. Actually, out of GEL 180 million expropriated by the Nationals from Ivanishvili, the latter regained only 14 million. The rest is given out as loans.
I hope PM will find out the truth. As for his leaving or staying in politics, he isn’t one of those who change their mind every now and then. So, he will certainly quit but his return in the not so distant future is not ruled out.
Q. – Grieving people may wish to restore justice on their own…
A. – Yes, it’s quite possible. For instance, I know a man who got tired of waiting and he willfully drove the illegally expropriated car from a special parking lot and nobody could say anything to him. Tomorrow somebody may enter a take-away shop and this may acquire a mass character. 25% of Georgia’s population demands restoration of justice. People are getting fed up with all these…
Q. – Who do you think will be the next Prime Minister? According to experts, Giorgi Kvirikashvili will take this post.
A. – Giorgi Kvirikashvili is the most honest man but how he will deal with challenges is another issue. PM is not only the head of economic block – he must be a political leader, take most important decisions in foreign policy, relations with the neighboring states and for the return of lost territories.
Q. – it is reported that before the elections someone may spread compromising evidence on representatives of the authorities. Do you think it’s just a rumor or has a real basis?
A. – It’s the latter. I know that there are two or three copies of files that were destroyed. By destroying the files, Interior Minister Irakli Gharibashvili demonstrated that he won’t use them himself and there will be no illegal actions. But it’s reality that there are copies. For instance, one is kept in Brussels, another one – in Sochi. But for now I can’t say which high-ranking officials took them along with them abroad.
Q. – Last week there saw the pre-trial proceeding of Ex-PM Vano Merabishvili and Governor Zurab Chiaberashvili. Merabishvili declared that he considered himself to be a political prisoner.
A. – For me it’s not of much significance what Merabishvili says. The main thing is that he is being made accountable for his deeds. But he should not be alone there. Many former senior officials must be called to account. Only then we’ll have the signs of restoration of justice.
Q. – Saakashvili granted Georgian citizenship to 936 Turks. In response, Minister of Justice Tea Tsulukiani accused the President of neglecting the state structures and declared that the President didn’t have consultations on such an important issue neither with the Ministry of Justice and nor with the Ministry of Interior Affairs.
A. – I have a feeling that Saakashvili did it to demonstrate his disregard. As a matter of fact, behavior of some of our neighbors makes me think that National Movement has some obligations to them. I don’t know what these obligations are. We are bitterly fighting against Russia and as it seems, our neighbors are taking advantage of it demanding concessions.
Q. – I’ve just remembered something about Russia. Putin ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to draw up an official agreement on “State border with South Ossetia”. This was followed by the official Tbilisi’s protest.
A. – It is the Putin’s PR move aimed at demonstrating Russia’s position about the current processes. Putin also wants to make Western partners understand that the situation is under Russia’s control here.