Expert opinion
15 May, 2014

Statement which caused the uproar

When the results of the investigation were published, the people, politicians and experts were discussing whether the investigation was carried out fairly. Besides, if the government’s version is correct, eavesdropping devices were installed at Rustavi 2 TV with the knowledge of the management. Law enforcers must take this case to an end. Expert Alexander Tvalchrelidze is sure that the recording devices were not installed under the current authorities:
A.T. – The version of the Prosecutor’s
Office according to which the recording devices at Rustavi 2 were installed by Saakashvili’s defense seems more realistic to me.
You may remember that by the end of 2012 Nika Gvaramia, the current General Director of Rustavi 2 was detained in a concrete case. Maybe Gvaramia learnt about the investigation and that he was facing detainment, and therefore blackmailed the authorities by starting this scandal.
Q. – Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili commented: “I’d like to remind the people that those who are proving this so-called truth today, were proving the falsehood they were disseminating for nine years with the same professionalism.”
A. – I agree with Gharibashvili’s assessment; but he is the Prime Minister, leader of the country and I think he should make more well-weighed declarations.
Q. – The publication of the NDI survey results was followed by much pother. Irakli Gharibashvili declared that this organization has always been associated with the National Movement.
A. – Gharibashvili’s declaration may not be too far from the truth. From the opposition party I may like Bakradze most of all but it doesn’t mean that I’ll vote for him. Thus, this rating of “liking” is 51% in Bakradze’s case, but in the elections he might get 10-11% of the votes.
People may be offended by or disappointed with the Georgian Dream but they still won’t support the National Movement.
It isn’t strange that in the ratings Alasania is ahead of Gharibashvili. Irakli Gharibashvili is the Prime Minister of the country. His sphere of responsibility includes the social and economic condition of the people, all the issues that are vulnerable to the population. But Irakli Alasania is responsible for only one concrete sphere – the armed forces.
Q. – Some experts think that Alasania is preparing to move to the opposition…
A. – I’m sure that there is no confrontation between Gharibashvili and Alasania. I think this issue is spun out of thin hair.
Q. – Those who support this version based their idea on Alasania’s well-known declaration, according to which the West and NATO will offer to deploy defense systems in Georgia.
A. – If this declaration made by Alasania was not agreed upon with the Prime Minister or Ivanishvili, then he made a grave mistake. Serious politicians don’t behave like this. If this is true then he has learnt nothing from previous mistakes.
Alasania may have been nudged by the Americans to make a declaration on deployment of defense systems in Georgia. They might desire discussions to start on this issue in the international arena. If we want to have a correct answer on this, we should know who encouraged Alasania – Democrats or Republicans, which senator concretely, etc.
Q. – In either case, we got such a response on Alasania’s declaration from the West. “I’m sure that there is another way that will bring us to strengthening security in Georgia. This is strengthening of the international security,” declared William Hague, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the U.K. during his visit to Georgia.
A. – Hague’s declaration should be taken as a continuation of the West’s care about Georgia. Concrete steps will probably be seen in the nearest future. Georgia always confirmed that it is devoted to the Western course, and of course we require a retaliatory step from the West.