Expert opinion
12 January, 2012

Interview with philosopher Giorgi Margvelashvili

Before Christmas the authorities announced one more novelty: from now on money-spending for political activity will be thoroughly checked. Every organization that decides to rival the authorities will have to regularly fill in about fifteen special forms and hand them to the monitoring service that will be headed by Natia Mogeladze, a stern-looking ex-prosecutor. We are discussing this situation and other future peripeteia with philosopher Giorgi Margvelashvili:

Q. – Political parties are required to present

vast and detailed report about receiving as well as spending of the money. Do you think the control will be just and all-embracing and will it touch upon the ‘National Movement’ on the same scale?
G.M. – It naturally won’t apply to the team in power. In this case the authorities are in an absurd situation in two respects. The first one is that the law is aimed at a concrete political force and it is Ivanishvili’s political force.
The absurd authorities have absurd ideology. If you look at this ignorance from a distance - that politics and money have to be separated, that money mustn’t influence politics – it enables us to discuss not only the possible presence of connection with democracy but doubt the existence of brains and sanity.

Q. – If we recall millions of Lari spent by the authorities during the previous elections, they don’t seem to separate money from politics.
G.M. – There is even more – they completely depend on this system. It is one of the last tricks or gimmicks but they become more and more evident. They will certainly try to put money into politics more actively but logically, in the end they will get into a scrape for their absurdity.

Q. – According to ‘Human Rights Watch’ report, in recent years the number of confinements of people accused on administrative code, don’t correspond to international standards and it often becomes the reason for inhuman attitude. We’ve seen more than one analogous reports earlier as well and as a rule the authorities called them either politically committed or overrated or uninformed. But this time the Interior Ministry responded with instant reaction. Even more, the web-site of the Interior Ministry says that the Minister’s order is triggered by criticism of International Organizations and is aimed at improving the situation. What, in your opinion, caused such a change?
G.M – I think some segments of authorities realize that the policy of showing indulgence is finished.

Q. – This year is the year of elections. Considering all the current events is it possible that the present political confrontation is transformed into election rivalry?
G.M. – The more intensively Ivanishvili increases his political strength the more guarantees we’ll have for the process to develop peacefully. The force that is oriented at elections, avoidance of provocations and legitimate transfer of power is Ivanishvili’s political force.

Counterbalance of it is the authorities that give the laws force of counteraction. Being scared of Ivanishvili they are almost ready to repeal money in the country. Mystical things are happening in Georgian politics.
Proportionally with the increase of Ivanishvili’s force enhance the chances of peaceful transfer of power. But we should also remember that the authorities have big resources for staging provocations, be it military venture or other forms of violence. But if the tempo of their weakening develops with the current speed they won’t even be strong enough to stop it.

Q. – As the national broadcasters informed us (!) Bidzina Ivanishvili has embarked upon bribing the media means. But the non-governmental media don’t hide the truth saying that they have concluded envisaged-by-law contracts with the ‘Georgian Dream’ on political ads. How grounded is the authorities anger on bribing media?
G.M. – The authorities have the only resource, the administrative one but they lack other recourses as well. Other resources mean: they can offer nothing new to people; imagination has run out; financially they are low; on the international arena things deteriorated and they see that the struggle with Ivanishvili is lost. For this reason they adhere to absurd actions, including the one directed against history and civilization – repealing of money. Actually it is going against the 30-century-long history.