For kids
Concept – ‘Television’
05 July, 2012

Nick  Kikvadze
Television is a part of our life. We spend hours every week watching TV. This will certainly affect our behavior. Unfortunately, the effect of the TV is usually negative. TV makes people more violent and less imaginative. When we read a book we have to imagine all the characters but when we watch TV, everything is shown to us. Watching TV makes us less active and more indolent. It requires no activity. We just turn it on and zap

trough the channels. All the time that we spend in front of TV is the time that we should spend on studying, playing some sport or hanging around with your friends. Television is a valuable educational tool, but it is bad for our eyes. Every day we get plethora of important pieces of news about our life and world. There is also a good side. The news we see on TV gives us something to discuss with our family and friends. It helps us to share our interests with other people.