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Kids & Lottery
11 July, 2012

George  Chitaishvili

Nowadays there are so many drawings of lotteries in our country and legion of kids are eager to win money in so many kinds of games or lotteries. And they have already planned how to use the winnings, counting their chickens before they are hatched. I think it would be better to plan how to achieve success and become a person who will be able to award others and to establish prizes for people in different games and events.

Isn’t it better to give gifts and make others feel happy than to get a fortuitous present from another astute businessman? So, do your best to be able to satisfy all your wishes yourself and not to be dependent on somebody else’s volition, and not to be waiting for their generosity to somehow show itself if you are lucky. I would rather be a man who gives away prizes than receives occasional trivial presents.