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Transportable Exam Station – Bringing the Doctor to You
12 July, 2012

Wesley  Wiseman

Who wants to get dressed and run to doctor’s office when he or she doesn’t feel well? I think that almost everyone prefer to stay at home and at the same time to be sure that his health is under doctor’s control without coming him/her to yours. Yes, it’s already possible thanks to a device – something like science fiction being introduced right now. Transportable Exam Station (TES) is a highly portable unit which is built into a rolling

weather resistant case and allows a doctor to carry out a comprehensive health assessment, from anywhere in the world using a tablet PC, examination cameras, a real digital stethoscope and a USB echoscope. Manned by mobile technical, the doctor and patient can communicate via PC. The TES enables them not only common general health examinations, but aids in triage and trauma care, dermatology exams, or almost everything that might require doctor’s service, without the doctor actually being there. This device is especially needful in summer when almost everyone is out of the city or abroad.