For kids
Concept – ‘Music’
12 July, 2012

Nick  Kikvadze

I wouldn’t probably exaggerate to say that music is the most popular form of art in the world. There isn‘t a person who doesn‘t like listening to music. When you listen to music you forget everything bad that had happened to you before. After school, I just sit back and listen to music. It doesn‘t only make me feel relaxed but it also makes me feel happy. What‘s more, music connects us with other people. It is a very

significant part of short human life. Every century has its own phenomenon in music. The 20th century‘s most known pop singers were Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Elvis was an individual performer, and Beatles was a band of four singers. They all surprised the entire world. Everyone knew everything about them. The 21st century is replete with new genres of music and famous names. We cannot say which singer is the best. There is plethora of good and popular singers. Our life would be incomplete without music.