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Kids & Hunting
19 July, 2012

George  Chitaishvili

Men like hunting and the hunting season has already come, but it t is too difficult for me to understand how a man can find anything enjoyable in killing a living being . And if a person has read ‘Shvlis Nukris Naambobi’  (Story of a Fawn) by the great Georgian poet Vazha Pshavela  (used as the basis for Walt Disney’s cartoon film ‘Bembi’), or has seen this famous animated picture, how can he kill a deer, or any other

animal, who could remind us of the little Bembi’s mom? It is too hard to perceive the real motivation for such inhuman behavior of a human being. So, I think that all of us should find amusement in something else and not in slaughtering animals or birds. The habit of hunting, which I am inclined to qualify as man’s egregious blood - thirstiness, makes us the humans the cruelest of animals ever known to nature. Down with hunting forever!