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Kids & Suntan
26 July, 2012

George  Chitaishvili

In summer time almost everyone tries to get some suntan whether it is good or bad for them. Most people do not know how to be moderate, and they lie under the sun as long as they think their free time allows them to. Often, any length of sunburn could be enough for damaging the skin and sometimes such unlimited sunbathing injures a person’s health real hard. So, besides the length of the process of sunbathing, it is also

very important to choose the right time for tan. As doctor dermatologists put it, the best time for sunbathing is early in the morning until 11a.m. and in the evening after 6 p.m. So, enjoy the sunrays, take sunbath and feel yourself good in the water under the sun as long as it is medically permissible for your good health. And let’s remember that the overdone suntan could well serve as a reason for skin cancer. This is scary, isn’t it?