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IRIScan Book 2 makes document and book scanning a cinch
26 July, 2012

Wesley  Wiseman

New gadgets always make our daily activities easier and more comfortable. This device is not an exception - IRIScan Book 2 is a scanner that enables you to scan books, documents, magazines and photos regardless of the time or where you are – and this is achieved without the need for computer in the vicinity. This scanner is highly portable because it’s battery-powered. All scanned pages will be sent straight to a micro SD memory card, where the IRIScan

Book 2 will get the job done in black/white or color with 600 and 300 dpi scanning resolutions. You don’t need to deal with any pesky driver installations at all, all you need to do is connect the scanner with the included USB cable or insert the micro SD memory card into the computer and it’s ready! You can scan 200 pages at a time. And it’s just for $100, if you want to buy the one with rechargeable battery it’s for $129 and you can send scans via Bluetooth to smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.