For kids
Zipfy Sledge helps you scoot over the snow
15 December, 2011

Nick  Kikvadze

The time of snow has come. And having your own sledge is fun, especially for kids. But the one I am introducing herewith, is much more amazing than you have ever seen or heard about. Zipfy Sledge is in a variety shades – blue, green, red and pink. It’s smaller, lighter and infinitely more maneuverable compared to standard toboggan. This is the one that can be enjoyed by the entire family – simultaneously, to boot! You only need to lug

it over you shoulder, go up the slope (the steeper the better), sit with a leg on either side of the black handle and give yourself a nice push to launch away. And the speed is so fast that your adrenaline levels will rise up very much. Enjoy the winter!