For kids
Kids & Shopping
22 March, 2012

George  Chitaishvili

Many people like to go shopping, especially the kids. They buy not only useful and necessary things for themselves but also, the things that might have no use at all. They like it because the marketing team of the selling companies knows how to present the goods. Understandably, kids like the product which is usually introduced skillfully by the marketing experts. As you might know better than me, kids would try to get hold of it by hooks and

by crooks if they want to have the thing real bad. But actually, after a day or even a few hours or minutes, they will drop it like a hot potato, forgetting it forever. So, we have to be more resourceful and guess what we should purchase, making right choices. And we shouldn’t squander money in vain too. There are so many things that we really need. But in case we have no idea what to buy, then we can give the saved money to a beggar who is probably broke and has no cash even for a piece of bread to buy. Why can’t we take it to church, or buy some gifts for a peer who we know for sure needs certain things which are not available to him. You see, how important it is to be a smart shopper?