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The Professionally Choreographed Orchestral Fountain
05 April, 2012

Wesley  Wiseman

If you happen to own a yard, this device I am writing now about will make it marvelous. The Professionally Choreographed Orchestral Fountain is capable of projecting lighted waterspouts which are synchronized with music. There is a computer chip located within the fountain that will synchronize the multicolored light patterns, the height of the waterspouts and the side-to-side movement of a dozen water nozzles with the melody of the music. The tunes will be transmitted through a quarter of 200-watt

speakers that are built into the panels alongside a 100-watt amp which is generated by crisp, clear sound. All nozzles in the center of the fountain will emit a couple of tiers of sprays and water which glisten through a ring of white LED light. The fountain is controlled via the built-in tablet computer. Any person wants to live in an extraordinary environment, so you can fulfill this wish with this Fountain.