For kids
The Inflatable Walk-On-Water-Mat
31 May, 2012

NickĀ  Kikvadze

Summer is almost here, and the majority of our kids have already planned to spend it on seashore, or in the places with pools or lakes. And this device will make your summer holidays much more magnificent. Inflatable Walk-On-Water-Mat allows you to walk, run and lounge about like a lizard in the middle of a pool of water. This mat is a 90 sq. foot that is capable to hold up to half a dozen adults. You can

sprint on it, perform cartwheels, etc. Inflatable Walk on Water Mat is made out of reinforced 500-denier fabric that is fused with layers of 28-oz. PVC. allowing it to withstand even the most vigorous play. You can do such miraculous things in the water for just $1000.