For kids
Concept – Teachers
07 June, 2012

Nick  Kikvadze

Most people can learn to do something simple on their own, but they usually do this with the help of a certain set of irrational instructions. However to conceive something more complex, it is always better to have a teacher. These people are not only our instructors but our friends too. Teachers help us to find the easiest ways of retrieving and processing information. Teachers provide us with a lot more support and knowledge than you can usually get

by yourself. Teachers can show you the most important points and parts in a lesson that you have to understand and learn. If you study on your own it might be difficult to keep your attention concentrated on the material or to know which parts of the studying matter is the most valuable. For the best possible learning, a teacher is the biggest help you can ever get. You might disagree, but this is my concept of the issue, and I am proud to be thinking this way.