For kids
Concept – ‘Computers’
28 June, 2012

Nick  Kikvadze

This world is full of surprises. Who would have thought in the 19th century that a device like computer could be invented and so extensively used by people? Initially, computers were invented for making work easier and more convenient, but a couple of decades later, people started using them for entertainment too. And not only that! People stopped reading books and in its stead they started using computers. And if you really like reading, you can read any book you

want on your computer. It is amazing how quickly this world is progressing. Who knows, may be in the 22nd century, cars will fly and computers will come live like regular smart robots as the best helpers of humans. I do not exclude that a robotic world will some day fiercely compete with the human society in being useful in the process of survival. It is just a matter of time, isn’t it? Let’s just wish our human selves well!