Ojakhuri – ‘Family meal’ with fried potatoes and meat
04 April, 2014
Ojakhuri is a popular Georgian dish with roasted meat and potatoes. In translation from Georgian ‘Ojakhuri’ means a ‘family meal’. Here is an easy recipe how to make this delicious dish.


1.5kg potatoes
1kg pork
500g onions
Salt and pepper


It is preferable that the pork for the dish is moderately fat and of mixed type, both with and without bones.

Heat up a frying pan with a thick bottom, turn up flame to high and brown up
the meat slices, putting the fattier ones on first and leaner ones after. In 5-7 minutes, take the meat off the pan and fry sliced onions in the fat that remains. Upon completion, add the onions to the meat, then slice up the potatoes and put them on the same pan you used for the onions. After the potatoes are halfway done, put the meat and the onions back onto the pan and stir everything up, so that the potatoes are saturated with juices released by the meat. Sprinkle the dish with salt and pepper, stir it again and finish frying it on an average to low flame, without covering the pan.

Before serving, you can add freshly sliced or pickled vegetables as garnish, as well as serve sauces of Tkemali or Adjika alongside the main dish.

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