How to color eggs red for Easter with onion peels
17 April, 2014
Madder dye is sold everywhere in Georgia during Easter, so dyeing eggs is hardly a problem. But many of our compatriots abroad have trouble finding it, and this is where our recipe comes in handy. If you manage to find onion peels in a shop or a supermarket, red eggs are guaranteed to brighten your Easter table.
So here is the instruction how to do this: put a large amount of onion peel in a pot. Stack eggs on top
of it and pour enough water in to cover them completely. Start the fire and boil until the eggs are fully dyed. Let the water cool, then take out the eggs, rinse them in cold water and wipe them with a piece of cotton soaked in oil.
In order to decorate the eggs, you’ll need an old sock. You can shorten it if you want to. Wet the eggs slightly beforehand, stick some green leaves on them and carefully put them into the sock before you put them to boil on top of the onion peels.

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