Chakapuli – cook lamb with white wine
18 April, 2014
Chakapuli is a traditional Georgian dish made with lamb and white wine. Often it is served during the feast of Orthodox Easter. This is a dish from Eastern Georgia, Kakheti region and is frequently called a seasonal, spring stew with the main ingredient of tarragon to make Chakapuli more spicy.

2kg of lamb breast
200g of butter
150-200 ml of white wine
Fresh green tkemali in a half liter can
6 bunches of tarragon
bunches of coriander
2 bunches of sorrel
2 bunches of watercress
1 bunch of parsley
Several stems of dill and mint
4 bunches of leek
Salt and pepper


Wash the meat, cut it into pieces and put it in layers into a cooking pot, covering each layer with sliced greens and leek as well as sprinkling it with salt and pepper.
Leave a bit of greens to cover the top layer.
Pour the wine inside and lower the flame the moment it starts boiling. After the meat is half done, add tkemali and a bit later – butter.
When the dish is almost done, “chop” all of it lightly with a wooden spoon and keep it boiling on a low flame for a few more minutes.

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