Unique Georgian plum sauce - Tkemali
23 June, 2014
Tkemali is a famous Georgian sour plum sauce made of cherry plums – both red and green varieties. Red sauce is cooked from ripe plums at the end of summer, while green Tkemali is prepared from unripe plums in the Spring.
It is mainly used with potato dishes, fried or grilled meat and poultry.


1kg of green tkemali
1-2 bunches of coriander (mature is better, although fresh one will do as well)
1 bunch of pennyroyal
5-6 cloves of
1 bunch of dill (optional)
1 bunch of wet savory (also optional)
Red pepper


Put washed tkemali into a cooking pot, pour a bit of water (make sure it doesn’t cover the fruit) and put it on a low flame. Stir it a few times while it boils. After the tkemali become soft, squeeze them out in a colander (save the juice) and grate them. Mix them with their own juice, the amount you add is up to you.
Mash your greens, garlic and pepper (alternatively, just put them through a meat-grinder) and add them to the tkemali paste along with some salt.
You can replace hot peppers with ground red pepper. There is a lot of pectin in green tkemali and it can get very thick after you grate it. In this case, add boiled (but cooled) water until the paste reaches a desirable consistency. In the end, you can add more garlic, greens or any spices to modify the taste of tkemali as you see fit. In some cases, if the sauce is too sour, you can add some sugar.

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