Red Tkemali – Georgian sauce that will amaze you
26 July, 2014
Tkemali is a famous Georgian sour plum sauce made of cherry plums – both red and green varieties. Red sauce is cooked from ripe plums at the end of summer, while green Tkemali is prepared from unripe plums in the Spring.
It is mainly used with potato dishes, fried or grilled meat and poultry.


2 kg of red wild plums
2 bunches of coriander with seeds
2 bunches of pennyroyal
1 bunch of dill
2 cloves of garlic


Sort out the best wild plums, wash them, put them in a cooking pot, pour enough water on top to fill half of the pot and put it on the stove. After the water boils and the rind of the plums becomes soft enough to start peeling off by itself, turn off the stove and let the plums cool down.
Then, squeeze the plums out and collect the juice. Take the plums to the colander and grind them into a paste, adding the juice to achieve the necessary consistency. Be careful not to overdo it with the juice, otherwise the paste might become too watered down. Mix greens, garlic, salt and pepper in the same mortar and pound the mixture well, receiving a consistent mass as a result. You can also use a meat-grinder or a blender for this, but in this case salt has to be added later. Add this mass to the plum paste. If you wish to conserve the resulting the sauce for the winter, boil it up, pour it into a heat-proof jar or a bottle without letting it cool down and tightly close the lid. Sterilization is not required, but the container has to be clean. Also, make sure that it is full to the brim with tkemali sauce before screwing on the lid.

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