Top 10 Georgian Foods and Drinks
14 August, 2014
Top 10 Georgian Foods and Drinks
A list of best Georgian dished and drinks was made by the Europe Travelz website (
“Georgia has many gems to entice the curious visitor: beaches, mountains, historical cities. Yet Georgia is perhaps most famous, and rightfully so, for its sumptuous cuisine. Georgian restaurants can be found in countries around the world, but any traveler to Georgia will be rewarded with the pleasure of experiencing this unique cuisine at its source. Here is an overview of the 10 best Georgian
foods and drinks:

10. Lobio

Lobio, which is Georgian for “beans”, plays an important role in Georgian cuisine. There are many varieties of Lobio, with one of the most popular being a cold dish called Lobio Nigvzit, in which the beans are mashed and mixed with garlic, walnuts, onions, and coriander. Hot varieties are typically spiced and served in a small brown earthenware pot.

9. Churchkhela

One of the most popular desserts is this sausage-shaped candy, also popular in many of Georgia’s neighboring countries. It is prepared by threading walnuts (sometimes almonds or hazel nuts) onto a long string and dipping it in concentrated fresh grape juice, which dries into a gelatin-like coating around the nuts.

8. Chakapuli

A delicious lamb stew, made with dry white wine, green plums, tarragon leaves, onions, and pepper. It is most popular in the springtime, coinciding with the plum harvest.

7. Chanakhi

A little similar to Chakapuli, Chanakhi is a lamb stew prepared in a clay pot. A layer of eggplant is put over top finely cut pieces of lamb, along with garlic, tomatoes, and onions, before being baked to perfection.

6. Shkmeruli

A chicken dish typical of the Racha region of Georgia. The chicken is first fried to a golden brown, and then cut into pieces and covered in a distinctive sauce of garlic and milk (though sour cream may be used instead).

5. Kharcho

A traditional Georgian beef soup, cooked with walnuts, rice, and cherry plum puree, and served chopped with coriander. Lamb, pork, or chicken can also be used in place of beef, and the soup will be spiced differently depending on the region of Georgia in which it is prepared. Kharcho is a rich and hearty concoction, especially useful for recovering from a long journey or sitting out frigid weather.

4. Georgian Wine

Georgia is one of the most ancient wine-producing areas of the world, and its wines are popular around the world and are especially renowned among the countries of the former Soviet Union. The traditional Georgian wine-making method using clay jars has been recognized by UNESCO. Wine is produced across the country, with the southeastern region of Kakheti making around 70%, in a wide selection of varieties.

3. Chacha

Georgia’s national liquor is something of a by-product of its ubiquitous wine industry. Often referred to as Georgian vodka, chacha is actually distilled from the grape pomace left over after wine-pressing; however, it can also be produced from other fruits such as mulberries, tangerines, and figs. Chacha is often home-brewed, with individual families and regions putting their own special spin on the drink, and many Georgians hail the medicinal properties of chacha, claiming that it is helpful for curing indigestion and other ailments.

2. Khinkali

One of the most popular and iconic Georgian foods. Khinkali are twisted knobs of dough stuffed with spiced meat, usually lamb or a pork/beef mix. (Alternatively potato, cheese, or mushroom can be used as fillings.) When the dumpling is cooked, the meat juices are trapped within. When eating khinkali, it is customary in the first bite to suck out the meat juices, before eating the rest.

1. Khachapuri

Along with Khinkali, Khachapuri is one of the most popular and readily identifiable Georgian foods. It is a cheese-filled bread, shaped and flavored in various ways. The two most common varieties are Imeretian, circular shaped and easily eaten on-the-go, and Ajarian, a supremely rich oblong-shaped khachapuri topped with butter and a fried egg.”

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